May 11, 2013

Rain and Grace

So today I woke up at five, went for a quick 3 mile run with my puppies, and I ate a yummy granola bar while I watched the sunrise.


I actually rolled out of bed at ten, came downstairs and ate a handful of Cheetos (or was a bit of a blur) then, I complained about having to do some yard work. I ended up taking one dog for a half-mile drag. He decided that I was a moron for trying to walk him at 1:20 when he was asleep, and after a quarter of a mile, I agreed with him and turned back. I took my other dog for a mile long walk, and he actually came. It rained for 20 minutes today, and I was slightly disappointed. Then I sat on Pinterest for a while, and ate oatmeal (a healthy meal with Craisins and blackberries. And a half cup of coconut sugar. Ha.) and green tea for dinner. I even had whole wheat toast.My oatmeal exploded all over the microwave, and I still ate it.

Guess what.

God loves me. He would have loved me extravagantly if I had gone on a 3 mile run, eaten granola, and read a book explaining the intricacies of medieval doctrine. He would have extravagantly loved me JUST AS MUCH if I would have slept until noon and then watched "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" until midnight, whilst eating marshmallow fluff.

I am so grateful for His grace, and being able to walk free from guilt, knowing that His love is unconditional. I would call that a great day.

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StacieH said...

EPIC! I am SO stinkin proud of you!!! <3