December 11, 2010

Merry Almost Christmas!

As I sit here, on December 11 of 2010,  I am wondering what it would be like if the world remained as it was when Jesus was born. There would be no electricity, no telephones, no ipods,  no computers, and I wouldn't be writing this blog.  Imagine what the Nativity Story would have been like if Jesus would have been born this year?
December of 2010, Jesus's birthday? Many people have portrayed this, some as a comedy, but all of them really make you think. Nowadays, we don't take literally how impactful  the story was until we put it under our own terms. She rode a donkey? This one is hard to come to understand unless we think of it like this: Imagine a teenager, 9 months pregnant, riding a horse from Greeley to Grand Junction. AUGH! That would be incredibly hard, and strenuous.
I was thinking I may write a small fiction on my blog about the Nativity story in A.D. 2010.

Weekend Question; What would you do in Mary or Joseph's Shoes, In A.D. 2010?


Abby said...

WOW! That Really makes you Think!!

Katie said...

I totally posted about what it would be like being in Mary's shoes on my blog ! :) Do you think I might could borrow that picture for my blog? I really like it! :)

Libbi H. said...

Katie~ I saw that blog post! it was awesome! You can definitely use that picture on your blog :) It's cool isn't it!